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Vasili Kasatkin and Alexander Chernyshev teamed up in 1984. They met when they were both teaching at the Petrozavodsk Consevatory, a branch of the renowned St.Petersburg Conservatory. Before coming to Petrozavodsk, Vasili had won two national saxophone competitions in the Soviet Union. Alexander currently resides in Duluth, Minnesota, where he teaches piano at the University of Minnesota Duluth. With Vasili in Minneapolis they remain active as both performers and teachers. They continue to tour throughout the country as a duo, and with the group Classic Retro.

Flight of the Bumble Bee

These recordings, by Vasili Kasatkin and Alexander Chernyshev, are a lively mix of musical styles and stylings. Vasili's impeccable technique and musical expression cover the gamut, evoking the sounds of1930's movie themes, classical repertoire, and haunting hymns. Combined with Alexander's perfectly timed accompaniment and his own virtuosity, this duo makes music—pure & simple—beautiful & refreshing—that will surprise you.

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Vasili Kasatkin & Alexander Chernyshev CD, "Flight of the Bumble Bee"

Sample: Beautiful Rozmarin


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