Vivation Meditation

Happiness is a Skill.
As with all skills, "happiness" can be developed! The only thing absolutely necessary for happiness is your own existence. You only experience happiness to the degree that you allow yourself to receive, in the depth of your being, the beauty available in the present moment. This is a skill, and you can get better at it through the exploration of Vivation.

Use Vivation to:

• Reduce Stress
Solve Personal Problems
Deal Effectively with Grief, Depression or Turmoil
Improve Breathing
Improve Relationships
Develop Spirituality
Feel Better - Fast
Break Bad Habits and Addictions
Generate Creative Breakthrough
Achieve Goals
Increase Self-esteem
Live Life to its Fullest

Vasili Kasatkin with students

Vivation enhances your enjoyment of everything in life. Vivation brings you into the present moment, where pleasure actually exists. There is always pleasurable energy in your body as long as you are alive. Vivation enhances the flow of this energy and allows you to find pleasure everywhere it exists. Vivation shifts your awareness to the positive aspects of experience. It directly increases the flow of love energy in your body and raises self-esteem. With its guidance to solving problems, and increasing creativity and enthusiasm, Vivation enables you to live a far richer life.

The only way you will ever know which benefits of Vivation are most important for you personally is to try it!

For Information regarding Vivation classes, contact Vasili at 612.280.6814 or e-mail:

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